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If you guys follow on Instagram you saw that a few weeks ago we revealed a pretty little big secret that we’ve been keeping. We are expecting Baby Lopez at the beginning of the New Year!! We are so so so excited, well over the moon excited. This has been by far the hardest secret that we’ve had to keep – but are so excited to finally share with all of you.

Both John and I come from a very large family, with lots of kids. We definitely wanted kids in the future and spoke about having them sooner than later. Buttt this was definitely a huge surprise! We weren’t thinking this soon (I had an IUD when I got pregnant, I know TMI). With that being said we were in total shock and disbelief that I was actually pregnant.

My family keeps telling us this is our little miracle baby. That someone had a bigger plan for us and this was definitely our time. And I couldn’t agree more! Although it wasn’t planned this has been by far the best surprise we’ve ever received. After almost seven years together, someone said hey guys yawl are ready! Hahaha

We do know the sex of the baby thanks to a little test called Natera (it’s a genetic test). That is not invasive, just blood work that we had done at 10 weeks. It was something that John and I both discussed that we definitely wanted to have done. Besides finding out that we were expecting getting that phone call telling us everything is normal and perfect was the greatest feeling. I totally forgot when they called that they had the results of the sex. I was ready to hang up and call John when she was like wait a second don’t you want to know what you guys are having.

John, Baby Lopez, and I want to say thank you to everyone!! We have received such an out pouring amount of love and blessings for our little one. Although we are extremely nervous about this new adventure we are so excited and completely in love already. I will be posting a recap of our first trimester and reveal the sex in the next few weeks. With that being said I know this is a fashion blog, I just thought it be nice to document my journey throughout this whole process.

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